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JobTech provides real-time analysis of thousands of job advertisements posted every day by employers. It contains valuable insights into the industry, employers and requirements of the job which include skills, academic qualifications and years of experience. We think that this serves as a useful complement to traditional survey-based labour market data for the following reasons:

  • Keep up with current job market conditions especially given the fast-changing nature of jobs and requisite skills
  • High level of granularity in the presentation of data that supports meaningful comparison and analysis
  • Competitive intelligence by tracking and monitoring the hiring activities of other sectors and companies, in-demand skills and market wages

Data Collection and Processing

JobTech aggregates real-time online job listings across major Singapore-based job portals. Duplicate postings are detected and removed or “de-duplicated” using JobTech’s patented artificial intelligence technology to provide an accurate snapshot of the jobs landscape in Singapore. JobTech’s Duplicate Probability Index also warns users about the potential duplicity of a job post by analysing job titles and job description fingerprints using proprietary natural language and text analytics technologies. Overall, JobTech has identified nearly 40% of all job postings as duplicates.

JobTech mines detailed information such as employer, job title/functions, location, specific skills, academic qualifications, and experience required for the jobs. The information may be further categorized to support additional analysis and comparison.

Singapore healthcare sector's online-jobs growth up 15.2% in Q3

CIMB Private Bank Economist, Mr. Song Seng Wun, “JobTech's real-time census of online job advertisements provides a useful snapshot of the health of the Singapore economy. Looking at the Q3 report, the slight pullback in Q3 job ads in the Biomedical and Electronics and Semiconductor clusters, two key contributors to the better-than-expected economic growth so far this year, could be the first indication that growth from the two clusters may have peaked. However, it is encouraging to note that there is jobs growth in the marine & offshore segment indicating that the worst could be behind for one of Singapore's important manufacturing industries. Continued jobs growth in finance and logistics support the view that the global economic recovery is on track.”

Business Times

3Q 2017

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